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Staff Directory

This page lists our staff grouped in order by the staff member’s position. Each staff member’s position and name will be listed. If the staff member contributes to one of our Blogs (sometimes called News pages – “1st Grade News”, etc.), a link to the blog will appear after his or her name.

Administrator, Terry Cox, Administrator’s Blog
Business Administrator, Sonja Adams, General News
PDS Pre-K Coordinator, Deborah Templeton
One Year Olds, Nicole Gortney
Two Year Olds, Brittany Renfroe
Transition Class, Connie Brunt
K3 Teacher, Amy Cook
K3 Teacher, Hope Smith
K3 Assistant, Kerry McAdams
K4 Teacher, Glenda Middleton
K4 Teacher, Kim Woodard
K5 Teacher, Necie Cain, K5 News
K5 Assistants, Anna Pickle and Margaret Barron
1st Grade Teacher, Jennifer McMillon, 1st Grade News
1st Grade Assistant, Connie Threet
2nd Grade Teacher, Sandra Howard, 2nd Grade News
2nd Grade Assistant, Lisa Sprayberry
3rd Grade Teacher. Beth Ramage, 3rd Grade News
3rd Grade Assistant, DeAnna Dunn
4th Grade Teacher, Judy Mims, 4th Grade News
5th Grade Teacher, Debbie Horn, 5th Grade News
6th Grade Teacher, Teresa Montague, 6th Grade News
4th, 5th, 6th Grade Bible Teacher, Anna Pickle and Margaret Barron
4th, 5th, 6th Grade History Teacher, Kristin Moore
4th, 5th, 6th Grade Spanish Teacher, Shelia Pickle
Resource Teacher, Kathy Cox
Physical Education, DeAnna Dunn
Pre K Music, Hope Smith
PDS Music, Jo Vaughn
PDS Art, DeAnna Dunn
After School Care Workers, Brittney Renfroe, Nicole Gortney & Connie Brunt